Membership of Barton Town Council committees

Community Committee

The Community Committee is responsible for the Christmas Festival, including the town centre Christmas decorative lighting and the Christmas tree.  It also organises the annual  Picnic in the Park event, and provides donations to  local organisations.  Regular Financial support  is given to:  Barton Arts, Barton Bike Night, Barton Carnival, Barton Lions Bonfire & Firework Display, Barton Tourism Partnership, Barton Senior Alliance and the Rural Car Scheme.   It puts additional funding towards keeping the public conveniences open longer hours and pays for the maintenance of the town clock. The other major work undertaken by the committee is the publication of ‘The Bartonian’ three times a year.  Councillors: A Chapman, N Pinchbeck, A Todd, B Troop and P Vickers are members of the Community Committee.

Environment Committee 

The Environment Committee organises the ‘Best Kept Gardens/Hanging Baskets Competitions and the presentation evening, the Town’s entry into regional competitions, the provision of hanging baskets and planters.  The Committee also has a budget for public seats, notice boards and  litter bins.  Annual bulb and tree planting projects are undertaken in partnership with other local organisations – Barton Lions, Rotary and Civic Society.  The committee also supports the local town bus service.  Councillors: A Chapman, Mrs A Clark, N Jacques, Mrs S Evison, B Troop and Mrs C Thornton are members of the Environment Committee.

Planning Committee 

As a consultee the Planning Committee considers and passes objections or comments upon local planning applications submitted to the local planning authority, which is North Lincolnshire Council. The committee meet every four weeks at the Assembly Rooms, Queen Street with agendas being published on NLC web site and Barton Town Council’s web site.  Members of the public are welcome to attend. However if they wish to make comment on an application to the Committee they must notify the Town Clerk prior to the meeting and the granting of permission will be at the chair’s discretion.   Councillors: Mrs A Clark, N Jacques, Mrs C Patterson, N Pinchbeck, Mrs C Thornton and  K Vickers are members of the Planning Committee.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

This committee is responsible for the Financial Management of the Council.  This includes monitoring of income and expenditure, budgeting, external and internal audit as well as the council banking arrangements.  It is also responsible for keeping an up to date Asset Register and review of the Council Health and Safety Policy and Risk Management Policy.  The Committee will review all council policies and manage and recommend to Full Council any grant funding that has been requested and approved.  Councillors: Mrs S Evison, K Vickers, Mrs C Patterson, A Todd, B Troop, N Pinchbeck and P Vickers are members of the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

Personnel Committee

This committee is responsible for the review of the staffing structure and personnel policies.  It will oversee the recruitment of staff as well as the execution of new employment contracts when required.  The committee will review performance management and staff training programmes and recommend any staff related expenditure changes to the Finance & General Purposes Committee.  Councillors: A Chapman, A Todd and P Vickers are members of the Personnel Committee.

Council Representatives on Outside Bodies