Neighbourhood Plan March 2022 Update

Back in 2019 we undertook community engagement exercises to better understand key local issues and aspirations to help inform the scope and content of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Respondents to the community survey highlighted strong local preferences for bungalows and semi-detached houses in new developments, with less demand for larger homes. Respondents also highlighted a strong preference for starter homes.

Policies in the Neighbourhood Plan require robust evidence and justification. To support policies focused on the type and size of housing needed in Barton, additional evidence was required. A Housing Needs Assessment has recently been completed by AECOM. This assessment provides local-level information about the existing and future need for housing in Barton. The findings of this report support and align with the feedback gained at community consultation.

Key findings:

In order to provide the right houses to meet local needs, new housing developments should:

• Include a greater proportion of 1 and 2 bedroom properties.

• Include a greater proportion of 3 bedroom properties.

• Include a much lower proportion of 4+ bedroom properties.

This means that new housing developments will be required to provide a housing mix that better meets local needs. This will provide greater opportunities for first time buyers, young families, those on low-medium incomes, single person households, and those wishing to down-size or right-size.

The Neighbourhood Plan is currently being prepared and will be consulted on again shortly. Please keep an eye out for more news on the Facebook page and the Barton Town Council website. Barton Neighbourhood Plan | Facebook